The Road to Success: How to Effectively Manage Your Construction Workforce

The Australian construction industry has gained over 43,500 jobs over the previous year, according to news reports. As the construction industry expands, it is important to effectively implement Work Health and Safety (WHS) guidelines and company policies for maximum production and efficient workforce.

injured worker

In maintaining the company’s reputation, and keeping your competitive stance in the industry, here are three useful work mechanisms you can observe:

1. Establish open communication with the people under you

It is common for construction industries to outsource workers, which usually create culture barriers; and this is where some work conflicts arise. To avoid unnecessary stress and unwanted conflicts at work, InductPro advises employers to establish open and constant communication with their direct reports. With mutual understanding, you and your employees can work towards the same goal while complying with industry standards and company policies.

2. Do not leave out the induction phase

Just like a toolbox meeting, online or traditional induction of employees is necessary for them to know their responsibilities and other duties at work. Wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at work is a must, but some of your workers may not follow the rule. By laying down their responsibilities and duties, the company policies and other protocols, they would know how to act in certain circumstances. They can perform the necessary steps and would not panic if accidents happen.

3. Provide regular training and seminars

Apart from the in-house series of training, you can arrange an external training and seminar to enhance the skills and knowledge of your workforce. This would not only increase construction, but also reduce production costs, which may include healthcare assistance to injured workers, and government penalties.

An effective workforce encouragement may lead to a 100% compliance of the company with different industry standards and WHS guidelines. And with lower cases of accidents, work-related injuries and deaths, your company can gear toward project completion and the road to success.