Round 2 Continues: Apple Wants Samsung Case Retried

Image from | Wikimedia

Image from | Wikimedia

Apple is not going to accept the results of the latest trial without a fight, as the tech giant wants a retrial after a Californian jury ordered Samsung to pay $119 million in damages.

New Trial

Apple filed a motion to ban Samsung devices that infringe two of its patents after it requested a total retrial of the case.

Apple initially demand copyright damages of $2.2 billion after accusing Samsung of copying patents, which includes the “slide to unlock function.”

Samsung, on the other hand, filed also court documents but the contents have not been disclosed.

Damage Award Increase

Some analysts point out that Apple’s evidence did not sufficiently prove Samsung devices would harm its business.

Even though the jury ruled in favor of Apple, the damages awarded is much lower than the company had intended.

Apple’s latest move is an attempt to have its damages award increased, which would require a new trial.