Safety Measures for Earthmoving

Safety MeasuresEarth movers, because of their size and mobility, pose a lot of threats on the construction site. Accidents caused by earth-moving equipment can be serious and sometimes even fatal. When entrusting your business to machinery, it is also important to have a set of safety guidelines for the workers to follow. This way, you minimise risks for injuries and accidents.

Minimising Hazards

When using an earthmover, workers should remember to never leave them unattended. A simple brake issue will cause the tractor to move without supervision. Other than the general brakes, earthmovers should have an emergency brake system and a parking brake system. Make sure they are in top shape and that they are tested before used on the field.

Earthmoving equipment should also always have spare parts within reach of the driver, whether it be in a box underneath the seats or in a storage room in the jobsite. Experts at Tuff Stuff stress the importance of quality spare parts as well as the convenience of their accessibility.


The tractor’s safety will be of no use if your employees do not know how to use one. Training services for companies can reduce the injuries caused by improper earthmover management, and the consequences you have to face after the accidents.

The benefits of the safety training include increased productivity, higher quality products, increased morale, better labour or management relations, reduced turnover and better use of human resources. Companies that provide training for their employees have an injury decrease of about 20 to 40 percent. The value of training is as high as the importance of the condition of your vehicle.

When managing your construction workplace, safety is always a priority. You should value the safety measures of your people and your equipment – the two go hand-in-hand in giving you what you need.