No Sales Talk, No Haggling, No Pressure: 3 Ways to Buy a New Car Without Negotiating

Looking through all the different models and figuring out which car you want is the fun part, but buying it is when the fun usually ends.

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Many people hate going through the negotiation process when it comes to buying a car. Going to a car dealership and listening to sometimes questionable sales talk is not something everyone wants to do. Fortunately, there are three ways to buy a vehicle at a reasonable price without the negotiating hullabaloo:

Make a Purchase Through the Internet

Buying a car online is one of the easiest and most hassle-free methods to make a purchase. says used cars for sale, as well as new ones, are now widely available over the Internet. Whether it is through a dealership or through an auction site, you can get a vehicle without really having to deal with much sales talk, haggling, or pressure.

Buy Through the Fleet Car Department

These departments usually consist of a few salespeople who specialise in selling fleets. They have to sell a car at rock bottom and non-negotiable prices, because they cannot compete with the company’s retail sales team. To buy from the department, you have to ask, or simply attend fleet car auctions.

Unlike sales clerks in dealerships, fleet managers have little to hide and no games to play. These people will tell you exactly what to expect, and then discuss the price with you. They will most likely offer you a reasonable selling price for the vehicle, which means—again—no sales talk, no haggling, and no pressure.

Look for Fixed-Priced Vehicles

If you don’t like the idea of buying a car at an auction, then purchase a quality vehicle prior to auction at a fixed price. This could be the best option for you. Usually, these types of cars have prices well below retail. It is also convenient, as there is no bidding required. In addition, majority of them are registered and supplied with titles, as well as warranties.

The fact that you have read this article shows that you are serious about getting a good deal with all the hassle that usually comes with it. Consider making a purchase through the Internet, fleet car auctions, or just look for fix-priced vehicles, so you can make your car buying experience much more pleasant.