Scandinavian Interior Design Works Well for Nature Loving Homeowners

Modern living room

Under the shade of the tree, in a garden of flowers, and on the meadow — these are places that nature lovers enjoy spending time in the most. It makes sense, given that spending time with Mother Nature scientifically relaxes the mind and body

Life in the middle of Hong Kong’s concrete jungle means you might not have the privilege of seeing a forest or a field of flowers outside your window. Nevertheless, you can still incorporate some aspects of nature at home with Scandinavian interior design. The prominent design highlights natural elements, merging beauty with functionality.

Wooden Accents

A Hong Kong furniture shop shares that bringing a crisp Scandinavian look into your home means incorporating wooden accents where possible. This is great for nature loving individuals who feel at ease surrounded by trees.

There are three ways to add wooden accents at home: with your flooring, through decorative accessories and with potted plants.

You can renovate the house and install natural wood flooring, which is a predominant feature of Scandinavian interior design. You can also use strategically placed wooden decorative accessories and potted plants for an earthier look.

Natural Lighting

Scandinavian interior design makes the most of natural lighting to create a sense of tranquility and calmness at home. Even if you cannot soak up the sun in a nature park or even in the yard, you can bring in natural light with sheer or translucent curtains — or none at all, if you prefer.

Serene neutral colours are predominant in Scandinavian homes, to enhance natural illumination. As such, don’t be hesitant to place white furniture against white walls. This isn’t to say that you cannot have colour — use rugs and cushions to inject bits of vibrant palettes in your property.

Nature is fresh and relaxing. You can incorporate it at home through Scandinavian-inspired interior design concepts such as wooden accents and natural lighting.