Setting Up for School: 3 Places You Need When Studying

College Students OrientationWhen you are studying in one of the many colleges and universities in Western Australia, from Brisbane to Perth, you know you will be spending a lot of time in town during your studies. So, if you are planning to study for the long haul, you better be acquainted with a few places that you will be frequenting until the day you get your degree. Here are some.


Bachelor degrees at the undergraduate level in Australia would take at least three years, so when you are at that stage starting your studies, it will be all about setting up camp – especially when you are new to town. When you are not residing in any of the on-campus housing, you will have to find a place to say. Basic apartments would be good, as they are affordable. But struggling to pay the rent can also be stressing. If you have the resources, you may opt to purchase a permanent residence. You can settle for your minimal requirements, or can even go for full double-storey homes. When slogging through the harder times of your studies, it is very helpful to have a place to call your own.

Libraries and Research Centres

Students do a lot of research during their time in school, whether it is for a simple research papers, polishing up on general knowledge, or on their theses or dissertations. That said, you will have to get to know the many libraries in the city you will be studying in. These repositories of knowledge are not limited to libraries, but can also extend to museums and cultural centres. Explore these libraries, not only the ones within campus, but also in the vicinity.


Students and student life is not all about hitting the books. Once in a while, you need to catch your breath and take it easy. So, apart from getting your housing and research needs dealt with, you will have to be acquainted with places where students go to relax and have a good time. These may take the form of cafes, bars and park. Know where the students frequent, and you may even gain a friend or two. Expanding your social circles might even benefit your education in the long term.