Shakespeare, Austen and Wilde: Literature Inspired Garden Lighting

gardenA beautiful home calls for a beautiful garden. Like all things that hold beauty, lighting is of the essence. The beauty of English landscape gardens depend on how the sun touches the green. Modern gardens can achieve the same Jane Austen vibe through effective use of lighting.

Here are the different ways you can do so with the magic of incandescence, as noted by Longacres Garden Centre Limited:

Shakespeare in Love

Imagine the garden where Romeo climbed up to Juliet’s balcony. The walls beautifully covered and crawled on by strong vines; the subtle dark mysteriously accentuating the beautiful shrubs of flowers all lit up ever so slightly to have that romantic feel and look for your garden.

The key to achieving this is by using smaller lighting and placing them in accent pieces or specific corners to dramatically set a romantic mood in your garden. The same can be done with lanterns, while this best goes with beams and walls; it still creates the same effect and overall feel.

Using the dark of the night to your advantage by strategically placing lights in places that highlights your garden’s most beautiful pieces and contours its general structure to create more space.

Austen’s Power

Think of the time Elizabeth Bennet walked to Mr. Bingley’s home to visit her sister and the picturesque landscape she passed through. As opposed to dark and mysterious, the gardens pictured and described in Jane Austen’s books are bright and colourful — full of sunlight and flowers. Obviously, this can only be attained with the use of heavy lighting and bright emitting ones that show off all that your garden has to offer.

Wilde at Heart

The Picture of Dorian Gray revolves around beauty — even its excesses. This is exactly how the gardens in the Victorian era were: full of green, flowers and high walls that enclosed and trapped you in their beauty.

A garden that is both mysterious and colourfully put together will need the combination of both light and dark. The key is to overwhelm every aspect of beauty and use it all, as how Dorian Gray did with his.

Placing a front so brightly and beautifully lit for your garden with heavy duty lights that can show all your gardens plants is one thing you can do. Another is to use the dark in the inner or farther regions of your garden with smaller lights and lanterns to keep it mysterious.

Like a home, every novel needs a beautiful setting — most of which is achieved through your garden greens. Draw inspiration from the world’s most famous authors and their works to light your lawn beautifully.