Signs Your Heart is Due for a Visit to the Cardiologist

a Cardiologist holding a plastic heartThere are times when you might feel exhausted, but you think about the night out you had and put the blame on it. You might also feel pain radiating from your jaw to your arm, which you might suspect as a muscle tension.

You choose to ignore these symptoms, and before you know it, you find yourself in the emergency room for a problem you have mistaken for something trivial. One thing to remember about heart diseases is that they can manifest themselves and they can happen to anybody no matter the age.

Early treatment is the best solution, so if you live in Beaver, head to a cardiology clinic or see a primary care physician to get a clear picture of what is going on.

Do not forget that knowing these signs can also help:


A heart beating too fast may be a common symptom especially if you are prone to panic attacks or drinking too much coffee. But if the palpitations happen regularly, you may have to check with your doctor. Mitral valve prolapse that involves an abnormal heart valve and heart arrhythmia are heart ailments that bring about palpitations, and you should not leave it untreated.

High blood pressure

You may not feel any chest discomfort, but if your blood pressure shows a high systolic number, specifically above 120, it is a sign that you have a health issue that makes your heart work faster than it is expected to. Check your blood pressure regularly and if you see a pattern, immediately see your physician.

Unexplained fatigue

Do not blame your all-nighter or too much exercise. Fatigue can also be brought about by a weak circulatory system that forces your heart to work faster to pump blood. And if you are already having difficulty doing simple things such as climbing the stairs or carrying groceries, it is time for a check-up.

Look out for these symptoms to ensure you nip any problem in the bud. Prevention is still better than cure.