Sitting by an Open Fire: Why It Isn’t Always Dangerous

Open Fire System in TahunanuiOpen fires don’t simply exist to burn you and your belongings. Under controlled settings, the experience of gathering around it can be fun. Tim Miller Plumbing even shares that open flame-settings have more benefits than you initially thought. So, get your log fire heating system ready and working for the upcoming season — you’ll be sure to enjoy keeping warm by the fire even more.

Physical Effects

Many people avoid getting too close to fire for fear that it will burn them, but an open fire actually is good for your body. Proper heating has a positive impact on your heart, blood pressure and respiratory system, which could counter the negative effect of chilly air on your body. Additionally, the physical sight, smell and sound of an open fire is relaxing and can calm your body down.

Furthermore, a study by Thomas Gale Moore for Stanford University shows that the cold is a bigger killer than heat is. In fact, numerous findings associate winter with a higher number of deaths.

Mental Well-Being

Research has also shown how heat helps improve your alertness, attitude and memory skills. It increases the production of serotonin and endorphins — hormones that commonly enhance cognitive abilities and are associated with mood. As such, warmth makes you feel good and think clearer. This is probably a major reason why being bundled up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate or warm milk is a popular comfort ritual across the world.