How Social Media Helps Increase Site Visits

social mediaSocial media is a powerful way to advance your online marketing campaign. Reaching not only young audiences, but also businessmen and retired professionals, social media is a great way to advertise your brand to a wider audience. Secure your spot online with these helpful tips:

Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Social media isn’t just synonymous with just Facebook or Twitter. Internet marketing experts in Perth suggest using Instagram, Pinterest, and Google +, among others, to make photo sharing more creative, and thus catch the interest of more users. Try LinkedIn to approach the corporate audience.

“Please RT”

Saying “please retweet” at the end of your tweet can garner you up to four times more shares. The phrase signifies necessity and urgency, which encourages your Twitter followers to retweet and repost, and help your post gain attention.

Protect your circle

Be surrounded by the right people and follow and be followed by those who share the same interest as you. If they’re not interested in your posts or the products or service that you offer, you won’t get shared even if you have thousands of followers or online friends.

Post creative and interesting images

Internet users are critical of the things they see online. Post share-worthy images along with your post, especially in image-focused social media sites such as Instagram or Tumblr. Users believe that if it looks crappy, it probably is.

Participate in forum discussions

People do spend time in forums. Participate in conversations actively and share your know-how on a topic related to your post or brand. Comment, answer a question, or even post an intriguing issue. This way, you can gain not only exposure, but also a good reputation for yourself, your post, and your brand in the long run.

Put up visible social sharing buttons

Internet users want convenience. Place social sharing buttons on the leftmost side of your blog or website. That way, they can share it easily without spending time looking for it or pasting the URL on the address bar. Their time is precious and they want you to appreciate that.

Increase your visibility on the Internet through social media. Social media is an effective tool to promote your brand and transform online fans to paying customers.