Social Video Must-Haves for Your Online Marketing Campaign

video productionSocial videos are one of the most innovative ways to promote something online. People like visuals and are constantly sharing things through social media sites; this makes an ideal environment for videos that spark interest in a brand in the most subtle or out-there way possible. Working with a video production agency in Birmingham that knows how to make videos that stand out from the competition is important. People will share videos with impact, resulting in more lead conversions.

Here are three of the most effective ways to make your next video show up on the popular page:

Micro Videos

You cannot ignore the rise of micro video sharing sites like Vine and Instagram. Many people are now sharing videos in real-time with just a few taps on their smartphones. Similarly, businesses are now using these applications to promote their products and services. These bite-sized videos are the future of online marketing. With its low cost and high potential to reach millions of people, there is no reason to ignore this trend.


Pranks are always a great way to entertain people, and this is evident in the numerous clips that have gone viral. It is your turn to think of a hysterical prank that can promote your brand, too. Engaging users who watch your videos is always important to build a genuine connection with them. If your prank can get the attention of social media users and credible websites, then you are in for free shares and links.

Web Series

Web series can give your brand a huge and loyal following. The great thing about this is that it draws people in and encourages them to come back for more. If you successfully do this through effective marketing strategies, your following will grow bigger and bigger. Web series give your videos longer shelf life and higher overall engagement, not to mention the fact that it is cheaper than other online advertisements.

You must keep up with new and effective video marketing trends to make your videos count. Stay true to your brand and know what your target audience’s interests are. This way, you will entertain them and get more shares and profit from it, too.