Some Thoughts on Roller Shutter Prices in Perth

Roller Shutters in PerthThree things concern many Perth homeowners when it comes to windows: security, sunlight and sound. Western Australia have more burglaries than any other state in Australia, and in most cases, the perpetrators get in through ground floor windows.

Perth has year-round hot weather, so keeping the sunlight out is important to lower cooling costs. Everyday noises from neighbours and vehicles on the road are also an annoyance that most people would like to filter out. Half Price Shutters recommends one solution: roller shutters.

Roller shutters are typically insulated aluminium slats hinged together to form an effective shield against intruders, sunlight, heat and noise. Installation is usually on the outside of a window, and can be lowered or raised from the inside. However, roller shutter prices may make many people think twice. Here are a couple of tips to keep costs down with roller shutters.

Ask around

Many suppliers will quote a price based on the size of your window, or pay you a visit to measure it for you. Before committing to one supplier, have several quotes made and do not be afraid to negotiate. Roller shutter prices for standard sized windows will range from $600 to $1,200 per window, depending on the supplier and the type of roller shutter.

Manual vs. electric

You can choose between a manual or electric type of roller shutter. Motor-driven roller shutters are convenient, and they look cool. Some motorized roller shutters are solar powered, so loss of electric power is not too much of an issue. However, they can be pricey. Expect to pay about $500 more for each window fitted with an electric motor. If you want to keep your costs down, choose a manual type.

Some people think roller shutters look ugly, but they can be attractive if you choose well. The prices are almost the same across suppliers, except if you happen to find one in Perth that specialises in good quality shutters at wholesale prices. In any case, you can keep your costs down if you follow these simple tips.