Spend Quality Time with the Kids with These Weekend Activities

Dad playing with his children near a poolSpending time with your kids is an important part of their growth and development. Experts say that the more we guide them through their formative years, the more they are likely to succeed as adults.

One way to do this is arming them with life skills that will not only boost their self-confidence but are also extremely useful to them at any part of their lives.

Here are two classes you and your kids can take together to learn to something new and while bonding.

Swimming Classes

Teach your children how to swim. This is a valuable life-saving skill that they should learn. Swimming is also a good form of exercise to help you and kids stay fit and healthy. There are also studies that children who learn how to swim at an early age are more confident and learn how to read faster than their peers.

This is also a way for them to make friends and find kids of the same age with similar interests, early on.

Taekwondo Classes

Another multi-purpose activity is Taekwondo. This is not only a form of exercise, but it is also a sport and self-defense skill altogether. The training involved in Taekwondo also helps increase a child’s self-discipline.

It also teaches them sportsmanship and shows them the difference between offensive physical contact and self-defense. When a child knows he is capable of defending himself, he is more comfortable and confident about himself. That does a lot for his personal development.

There are taekwondo classes here in Northville that offer lessons on a scheduled basis that you can complete over a period.

So if you're looking for a healthy, practical way of spending time with the kiddos, signing them up for these classes and taking it with them is one way to increase your quality time and bonding with them. Have fun!