Sprucing Up for Internet Dating

a woman smiling after a succesful dental procedureInternet dating has come of age. It is no longer a weird or shameful way to meet new people and find that special person. In fact, for some people it’s a full-time hobby. But it’s a competitive scene and first impressions count more than almost anywhere except maybe a job interview. Which is why people who have had a tooth or two knocked out in an accident are choosing to enjoy the discreet benefits of dental implants in North London, rather than a plate or a bridge.

In North London, dental implants are available from various dentists, such as Adams Dental, and it pays to find one who has a good, long track record of implant surgery. It’s also a good idea to find out which brand of implants are used. There are many different brands out there and while some are cheaper, or even copies of well-regarded brands, for the implants to last for decades, well-known brands are a good bet.

Dealing with the fear

Many people are anxious about the implant procedure, even though, generally, it’s a pretty simple process. However, the idea of drilling into the jawbone can get the fear levels rising. This is why nearly all dentists offering dental implants in North London will also offer sedation to nervous dental patients.

Dentists trained in sedation dentistry tend to redesign their clinics with calming colours, comfy sofas, lots of plants and pictures to look at. Some give their patients noise cancelling headphones so they can’t hear the drill. Some let patients watch TV or a movie while they are having treatment. Some even have special DVD glasses to watch movies on.

And as for the actual sedation, patients can choose between various sedation methods. Oral sedation, a tablet, lets patients stay more awake but utterly relaxed. IV sedation, which goes directly into the bloodstream via the back of the hand, is much stronger and requires someone to take the patient home afterwards. It’s also administered with a needle, which may rule it out for some nervous patients.

All this is discussed in advance and every step is taken to ensure patient comfort.