Stabilisers for Dentures


Dentures usually start off by fitting really well and doing a great job of staying in place. Then, as time goes by, the gums seem to lose their grip on them, especially dentures for the lower jaw, which also have to contend with the tongue. The dentures start to slip around, making eating and talking difficult again. In Sutton Coldfield, dentures are being fixed in place with dental implants, giving patients their freedom back.

In Sutton Coldfield, dentures are stabilised by implant surgeons, such as those as Sutton Implant Clinic. When dentures no longer wobble around because they are fixed in place with dental implants, patients begin to experience a variety of lifestyle and health benefits.

Benefits of Life With Denture Implants

  • Self-consciousness lifts when the wobble departs and patients can be spontaneous with laughter, speech and eating again;
  • Money and hassle saved from not having to buy dental adhesives, gums and powders;
  • A healthy jawbone and facial structure instead of receding gums and disappearing jawbone;
  • The lips are properly supported, reducing wrinkles around the mouth;
  • Better chewing ability, allowing a wider, and therefore more nutritious diet.

How Denture Stabilisation Works

In Sutton Coldfield, dentures do not require an implant for every tooth. Indeed, there could be as few as two implants required for each jaw, or as many as six.

Implants are inserted into the jaw during oral surgery, usually under local anaesthetic. Anxious patients can also receive oral or intravenous sedation as well. During surgery, the dentist drills a hole into the jawbone and inserts a titanium screw, over which they put a temporary cap to protect it. Over the next several weeks, the patient continues to wear their old dentures, while below them, the implants are fusing with the new bone tissue growing around them, in a process called osseointegration. In time, the implant will be as securely held in your jaw as a natural tooth in its socket.

When the patient returns for their next appointment, they can be fitted with dentures. In Sutton Coldfield, they may be brand new dentures made for the implants, or the patient’s existing dentures, which have been modified.