Stay Safe: Getting to Know Your Medications

medicinesMedicines are chemical or natural substances that change the way your body works. Medication comes in different forms such as tablets, suspensions, inhalers, creams, patches, and injections. The more you know about your medicines, the easier it is to avoid problems and other related complications.

Medical experts from Utah briefly discuss the importance of getting to know your prescriptions.

Familiarity with Prescriptions

It is important to know what your medicine looks like and why you need to take it. Certain drugs look the same, but they have different names and purposes. Doctors can prescribe the medicine through its brand name or generic name. Make sure that you are familiar with it; get help from your healthcare provider and local pharmacy. Sandy, Utah medical experts suggest knowing the name, packaging, and dosage of your medicines.

The Label Matters

The instructions on the medicine label tells you how much medicine to take and how often. Follow the instructions carefully, as it makes a difference on how the drug works. This can also help you avoid complications from taking too much. The label may also include a special instruction for taking the medicine. It may say that you need to take it with food or after a meal.

Medicines and Dosage

Take note of approved dosages from your doctor. Call your physician if you think that your medication is not taking its intended effect. Ask if you can increase dosage or if you should take another medicine. If you’re having adverse or abnormal reactions, however, contact your doctor immediately.

Keeping Track of all Medicines

Reduce the risk of harmful drug interactions by keeping track of the medicines you take. Create your own list and update it when you start taking new medication or stop using one. If you receive prescriptions from two doctors, let them know which medicines you are taking. Don’t forget to mention the use of any over-the-counter drugs such as painkillers, supplements, and vitamins.

While your doctor has a duty to keep you healthy, you play an important role in your health just the same. Always ask your doctor about prescriptions to avoid errors and take better care of yourself. Moreover, follow any special instructions when taking the drug and always check its expiry date.