Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with These Must-Haves

Survival kitsDevelopments in the field of science and medicine may get you thinking that a zombie apocalypse is possible beyond the stories people create. Diseases (Ebola, in particular) have also been surfacing, resembling the condition and state of flesh-eating monsters as seen in movies and video games—if some people are to be believed.

Many stand by their assessment that this scenario cannot happen for real. But if you’re unlike these people, and you’re the type who prepares for every worst case scenario, then there are some types of equipment you must have on the day of the outbreak.

Deadly Weapons

Zombies, as portrayed in movies and video games, are non-hesitating cannibals. They would attack any living person or animal. Protect yourself by having a set of weapons, knives in particular. This item is practical because it’s lightweight, handy, doesn’t need ammunition, yet deadly.

While you may feel safer with guns, it has a lot of downsides along the way. If you insist on having a weapon with range, then it’s better to get M4 tactical crossbows than guns. This can be as accurate and lethal as sniper rifles with its similar features. But its more significant advantage is its stealth and silence.

Protective Gear

Switching from offense to defense, you must have the necessary outfit to protect your body from bites and scratches. Based on many zombie apocalypse films, a little wound can turn you into one of them.

Body armor: The ones worn by S.W.A.T. are designed for bullets, not bites. Those have heavy metal plates that slow you down, so choose the ones made of hard plastic – light and sufficient.

Gloves: When you’re out of ammo and your knife is stuck in a zombie’s skull, the only weapons you have left are your hands. Kevlar gloves give you protection from scratches when you punch.

Boots: One thing to expect on an outbreak is that there will be a lot of running. Salomon Forces stores give you choices of footgear for different terrains.

Other Essentials

Of course, don’t forget to carry a portable first-aid kit (no need to elaborate on this one). It’s essential as well to have other tactical items like flashlight, lighter, rope, whistle, and lots of food and water.

The zombie apocalypse may be far from a possibility today, but it pays to always be ready for the worst.