The 4 Possible Culprits Behind Unplanned Server Downtime

Unplanned DowntimeData-driven businesses dread any instance of downtime, especially unplanned ones. The fear is valid enough, too. When the server goes down, so do your services. The unavailability of what you offer would be something that would turn off your customers a little bit. In the end, any instance of downtime loses your business some money, regardless of how long the server was down.

But, why does downtime happen to a business? Experts on IT maintenance from list four possible reasons for such incidents:

Natural Disasters

Any natural disaster has the power to bring down a computer system. Storms and rough winds are enough to cause a power outage. Floods make restoration procedures practically impossible in a lot of scenarios. Earthquakes could cause severe damage to IT infrastructure as well. These events, though rare, could certainly be the main culprit behind that downtime.

Inadequate or Lack of Maintenance

The maintenance of your IT infrastructure is something you cannot overlook. If the strategy you have in place is inadequate (or worse, you don’t maintain the equipment at all), an issue might arise within the system. Eventually, this unknown issue would bring down the whole server – along with the availability of your services.

Poor Risk Mitigation Strategy

Risks are always part of IT management, but many downplay what it could do to s system. In many cases, data centres adopt policies that are poor and do not address the important, problematic areas of the infrastructure. This is also a possible reason for that last downtime.

Human Error

Last but not the least, the downtime could happen because of a simple human error. The accidental press of a button and the wrong command sequence has the potential to bring down a server. It could also incapacitate the system from recovery for quite some time.

These reasons account for why a server downtime happens – at least, in most cases. If you want your business to stay up and running, you have to prepare for these four.