The Changing Ways of Cost-effectively Honoring the Dead

mortician carrying the urn to a bed of white rosesToday, funerals are more about honoring the dead than following religious traditions. And there is no problem with that. As you honor your late loved one’s wishes, you are preparing them for the afterlife–whether that’s Heaven in your religion or simply them laying on the ground waiting for natural processes to set it.

What are the changes that have made burials in Ogden more memorable but less costly, you ask? Here are some:


Cremation is on the rise, with more dead bodies being cremated than buried traditionally in cemeteries as of recent. More people seem to prefer cremation because it gives them the ashes or cremains of their loved ones, which they can store in an urn at home, scatter in the deceased’s chosen spot, or keep in a crematorium. This eliminates costs such as casket purchase and digging a hole in the ground. There is also no need to prepare the body for viewing, removing costs associated with embalming and grooming.

Donating to Science

For those who would like their death to help future generations understand the human body better, donating to science is a great opportunity. Anyone can make arrangements for this in advance so that when they reach their end, their family members already know what to do. If you donate a body to a laboratory or educational facility, they often take care of the transportation of the body and its eventual cremation. Some facilities return the ashes to the loved ones, while others plant a tree in honor of the deceased donor.


This is more than just a way to pay for the same amount in advance. Through pre-planning a funeral, you’re using money that would otherwise be used for taxes and paying for a senior home, where most retired individuals go to get the care and assistance they need. Rather than waiting for your money to be used up paying for assisted living, use it to buffer the costs of a funeral.

Being alive is expensive, but so is dying. Prepare for the costs so your family can focus on grieving.