The Contagious Period of These Office-Related Illnesses

Woman sneezing

The office is where you work and make a living; when you get sick, you won’t be able to pay for bills or live out your passion. The workplace is one of the dirtiest places a person goes to, because of the prevalence of germs and bacteria. If one doesn’t take care of his or her health, or take steps to disinfect their station and the things they touch, they are likely to get an illness while working.

A cleaning service company in Utah cites the following common ailments and their contagious periods for your reference.

The Common Cold

Also known as Rhinovirus, this is the most common illness an employee gets from work. When one colleague goes to work with the illness, he or she will likely spread it to others. They talk into phones, hold the handle of coffee pots or phones and doorknobs, they may transfer their germs and virus onto these surfaces. The characteristics of this include a stuffy nose, sore throat, and bouts of sneezing and coughing. This disease can still spread anytime between one to five days as this is its contagious period.

The Flu

Other than the cold, the illness you must look out for at the office is the flu; colleagues that come in with a fever, head and muscle aches, cough and a runny rose are likely to have it. They can spread the sickness within one to seven days, especially if you don’t disinfect or stay close to them.

Stomach Flu

A person that has this illness has a fever, vomits and experiences diarrhea; once you notice these signs avoid close contact with him or her. Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your mouth, eyes or nose. This illness may still spread within a one to six day period; during this time, gastroenteritis is still contagious.

These are only a handful of the illnesses you may get at work; sometimes colleagues have to show up even if they’re sick. In such situations, the cleaning company you hire must do their job, and you must also disinfect frequently to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading.