The Real Pleasure of Ribs

Food has always been a delicate balance, whether its flavours, colours, or textures. Cooking is always a tightrope act where only the best will do. In a world of precise measurements and strict discipline, there’s little room for heavy hands and raw unstoppable flavour. This is why a rack of ribs is such a breath of culinary fresh air.

When people look at ribs, they’re the simplest, most unsophisticated things they’ve ever seen – and that’s a good thing. Many people find it confusing that ribs continue to capture an eater’s imagination, when it doesn’t take much imagination to make. In fact, says in Brisbane’s best cheap eats, ribs remain in demand.

Why do people love it so much? Is it the only simple meat dish Ribsout there? Simplicity definitely plays a part in it, but there’s more to the appeal of the rib than that. A lot of it the allure comes down to timing and the current climate in dining, which all started with the rise in reality cooking shows.

Reality Food

Ever since TV networks figured out how to make cooking exciting and competitive enough for a television audience, people have been exposed to the possibilities of fine dining. Everything from prepping to plating is made to look classy and elegant.

This has actually helped people get more interested in the culinary arts, and make cooking actually look cool. But, in a world that’s hyper-aware about plating and palates like never before, something like a rib stands out as the oddity when it comes to complexity in cooking and eating.

The Anti-Fine Dining

Eating a rack of ribs is difficult if people want to be clean about it. Sauce will land on chins, meat pieces will stick to teeth, and a few slurping sounds might be made. It’s the antithesis to the sanitised and even-tempered cuisine that people fixate on every week on their television, which is more than a welcome break.

Fine dining is fine, it’s even encouraged most of the time. Still. it’s good to space those out with a mess fest that appeals to those who simply want to eat and enjoy some great meat.