These Timeless Pieces Will Give Your Outdoor Space an Instant Romantic Vibe

nterior design series: classic rustic living roomLet us talk about an outdoor makeover today, particularly about the yard, especially the one at the back of your home. People usually overlook them, yet there is so much you can do with it.

Here are some ways you can bring it to life to create a lovely outdoor space.


Nothing gives an instant romantic feel than 19th-century pieces. It quickly adds character to space, giving it an immediate transformation. Set a small coffee nook in your outdoor area and use an antique French garden table you can buy from vendors such as Authentic Provence.

You can pair it with wirework garden chairs to create a laid-back, romantic feel. Define the corner with some Pine shutters against the wall to add an architectural element to the space. Surround it with flowers in pots perched on plant stands, and you have for yourself a nice little nook.

Mood Lights

Often neglected, outdoor lighting hardly finds its way at the top of the list. But lighting is just as important as any other accessories to set up the vibe in the space. Install mood lights to create a cozy glow and for added warmth.

Consider festoon lights, fairy lights, lamps, lanterns, and solar garden lamps with dark sensors. These lighting elements will help enhance your existing overhead lighting to make the place more lively and inviting.

Outdoor Furniture

Create an extension of your indoor space by putting together a cozy resting spot and dining area in your backyard. Lounge seats and wooden dining tables with benches give a more relaxed look to the space. If you have a large tree in the yard, you can hang a hammock under its shade, too.

Outdoor Flooring

Separate the different spaces in your yard by installing different flooring types. If you are worried about losing your green grass when the season changes, you can opt for artificial grass carpets. They look like the real thing sans watering and mowing.

Turning your empty yard into a romantic spot is easy with the use of these materials and timeless pieces. Now you will have another place in your home where you and your family can gather and spend time together.