Thinking Inside the Box: Container Homes as Modern Practical Accommodations

home accommodationA shipping container, when properly maintained and taken care of, can last more than 20 years. Good quality containers can serve its function for a long time. That is why contemporary house designers take into account shipping containers as one of the rising trend in home architectures.

Many people consider these huge metal boxes as the ideal home because of its size and capacity. For reference, a standard 20’ shipping container can hold around 3,500 shoe boxes, while a 40’-high metal box can store about 8,400 shoe boxes. Housing solutions provider says container homes provide Perth homeowners with many advantages.

Environmentally Useful

The import-export trade is common around the world. Most of the time, goods are delivered by the sea as these are too heavy for air transportation. More than 300 million containers are being dumped in ports and depots every year because it is not economical to ship back empty boxes.

Some may doubt it at first, but building houses out of shipping containers is one way to help the environment. These homes are eco-friendly because they make use of the abandoned containers instead of conventional construction materials such as wood, brick, and cement.

Costs Less, Not Time Consuming

As these houses use lesser raw materials, it is more affordable. Purchasing used containers costs much less than buying or building a conventional house with the same area and function. Container homes require minor modification, labour, and construction, as these basically have structure frameworks already.

These are technically pre-fabricated houses in a far much lower price. That is why container homes are relatively built for a shorter time.

Remarkable Durability

Shipping containers are designed and built to withstand harsh elements, such as strong winds and heavy rains, when travelling in the sea. This guarantees that container homes are less prone to leaks and can endure extreme weather conditions. Before these boxes are shipped from one place to another, these go through quality inspection that is why homeowners are assured of its structural strength.

Container houses are proving to be one of the practical ways of living. It can save you from almost all expenses – construction, maintenance, and energy. You can help preserve the nature by turning unused metal containers into a creative house. Who would have thought that these plain boxes can be altered into a comfortable, contemporary home?