Three Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

People at a birthday partyIs your birthday coming up and you’re still scrounging for ideas? As a hardworking woman, you feel like a birthday party isn’t cutting it this year. It’s time to go on a girls’ trip of some sort and have fun with your BFFs. While a full-blown trip to the tropics might not be feasible for now, here are some tips for taking your birthday bonding to the next level:

Good Old Las Vegas

Nothing screams party more than a weekend at the strip. Hit the clubs of Las Vegas with full-volume lashes, polished nails, and killer heels. Your BFFs will agree to go because who doesn’t like partying in Vegas? Watch a show or two, get on a couple of guest lists, and dance the night away with your besties. Of course, don’t forget to party responsibly! Make sure to party close to your hotel so that you won’t need to walk barefoot too long after a night of dancing in heels.

Get Fancy

You’ve been eyeing a place or two, but the restaurants are out of your usual budget. What better time to splurge on food and drinks than your birthday. Now, inviting a battalion of friends will send you to financial purgatory, so make sure to invite only your besties. Make it an event. Dress up, plan a car service, and book a hotel close to your restaurant of choice. It isn’t every day that you get to feel and look this fancy, so why not take it to the next level on your birthday?

Sleep In

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to wake up in a mansion? Why not make it happen on your birthday? Many home-sharing platforms are listed open for short-term rentals. Rent out a place with a pool and an indoor movie theater, and live like a queen with your friends on your birthday weekend.

These are just some ideas to get you excited about your birthday celebration with the girl gang. Whatever you choose, make sure to have fun and go with people you enjoy spending time with!