Top 3 Materials to Make Your Stairs Worthy of a Stare

Luxury Wooden StairsStairs serve as essential features in any house with more than one floor. But other than their obvious function, staircases also double as major design elements that give personality to your home. They can heavily influence the overall look and feel of your property, so it pays to give attention to your choice of stairs.

Start by looking into the different materials used to build or fabricate stairs.


Glass is one of the favourite materials because of its clean and sleek look. In fact, many stair builders recommend glass for houses with modern style and design. In many cases, glass panels are used as balustrades in place of the more traditional wood or steel railings. Thicker sheets of tempered glass are also used as steps these days.

Another good thing about glass stairs is that they give an airier and more open feel to your abode. They likewise look clean and are easy to maintain.


Steel is another popular material for staircases. It goes well with contemporary styled homes. Thanks to the natural physical properties of steel, it can be shaped and fashioned to suit your design preferences. You have the option to use it for handrails and match it with other materials, or even use it for the entire staircase structure.

If durability is what you are after, you will never go wrong with stainless steel stairs. They are highly durable and resistant to unsightly stain and damaging rust.


If you wish a warmer and more traditional look for your stairs, go for timber. Wooden stairs will surely add character to your home. This is especially true because timbers come in a wide array of colours and textures that will make your home interesting and chic at the same time. If you go for timber, make sure you will not mind spending some time and money for its maintenance.

Stairs are no doubt good additions to your home. Consult a reputable stair builder near you to learn more about your options.