Top 3 Reasons Dental Implants Beat Dentures, Bridges and Other Procedures

dental implantsThe main argument against dental implants no matter where you look is the exorbitant cost that dental surgeons and specialists charge per tooth. Dental implants Manchester practicioners provide usually start at £995.00 and can go higher depending on your chosen clinic.

If you aren’t a celebrity or someone who works in an industry where your appearance is your main selling point, why would you even want such a pricey surgery for something that you can get with more affordable options? Is a perfect smile really that important? Research shows that oral health and lifestyle improvements can warrant the high price tag.

Here are some of the best reasons that dentists, patients and experts around the world have for implants:

Improved Oral Health

As implants don’t mess with your healthy teeth, the replacements and foreign objects in your mouth is minimised for a lifetime (given the quality of the implants). You get to keep your best teeth intact and remove the problematic ones, replacing them with sturdy, beautiful implants.

Improved Self-esteem and Confidence

Straight teeth and perfect oral health can be more appealing than a perfect bone structure. People who have previously suffered insecurity due to their crooked or broken teeth can live with more confidence knowing their teeth look better.

Other Options May Be Painful in the Long Run

Some people have other conditions that may make dentures or difficult to wear. Bridges can decay since they’re supported by your natural teeth. But, dental implants don’t decay since they’re made from heavy metal screws and inorganic material. Make sure your practitioner discloses all the details and specifics on the implants they plan to use for the operation.

Keep in mind that installing implants is a difficult process that involves more than one trip to the surgeon for a few weeks. There are always risks involved, so be sure you’re ready to accept these before you schedule your surgery.