Top Benefits of Having a Medical Insurance

Hospital crewWhen applying for a job, one of the things most applicants consider is if the company offers health insurance. While big companies and businesses in the Philippines offer free medical insurance and health coverage benefits, some small businesses do not.

Then there are the entrepreneurs and the self-employed. If you are part of this group that still does not have these benefits, here are some tips for looking for the best medical insurance and coverage in the Philippines.

Medical benefits

HMO is your best defense against health and medical emergencies. Without it, you and your family must shoulder the shockingly high costs of medical procedures, treatment, and doctor’s fee, among other bills. With HMO, the only thing you need to worry is getting back on your feet so you can run your business—no more worries about paying medical bills in full.


Aside from emergency cases, you get to visit accredited health offices and facilities for check-ups and tests, free of charge. For employees who undergo annual physical examination as required by the company, these are also free of charge. This only goes to show that an HMO cardholder gets to enjoy medical benefits, reduced rates, and even have value-added services.

Also, most HMO also covers dental and special procedures, reimbursements on medicines and procedures performed outside their accredited network. Some also offer life, dismemberment, accidental death benefits, and extension to family members.


As part of Filipino culture of close family ties, looking out for the well-being of your family members must always come first. If you are looking to enroll your employees as part of their employment package, some HMO companies offer discounts.


Medical benefits and coverage depend on the agreement between the HMO company and medical professionals and facilities. Thus, you should thoroughly study the packages and the list of accredited doctors, specialty clinic, and hospital before signing the contract.