Top Two Options for Exterior Wall Cladding

House RenovationAustralians are privileged to have numerous external cladding products to choose from, especially since Australia is at the mercy of variable climates.

Here are two of the most compelling options: Colorbond and Palliside cladding. This article compares the two.


A number of versatile metal solutions are currently available. Of these, Colorbond wall cladding is one of the most visually appealing, and thermally efficient at the same time. In terms of versatility, it can integrate easily and seamlessly with other materials.

This type comes in two forms—as insulated panels or in single sheets. One of the best attributes of this product is the outstanding spanning capabilities, which make structural framing more efficient overall. Another advantage of Colorbond cladding over similar options is the ease of installation, which contributes to expenses allotted to labour and resources.

No need to worry that your building will look the same as other that favours this type of exterior envelope. You may imbue the character you want with customisation services offered by Australian suppliers. Why settle for any of the existing colours and design choices, if you can conceptualise your own?


Now, if you prioritise sustainability and wish to build a structure with zero carbon footprint, you may avail of Australian-made, termite-resistant, low maintenance Palliside cladding. Some of the best types of Palliside weatherboards need repainting only every 15 years. The installation procedure does not require synthetic adhesives or artificial glues and can be accomplished with basic woodworking equipment.

For external cladding with a guarantee that the panels will not crack or rot in 25 years at the least, then the best option is Palliside cladding. High performance products prove adequate for exterior usage, since these are pre-treated. The key to finding the best type is to look for local suppliers.

The abovementioned products meet relevant Australian building and construction standards. The choice is entirely up to you.