Top Ways to Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth RemovalOn one of your regular dental appointments, your dentist suggests that you must have your wisdom teeth removed. He will explain the several reasons why, including disease, cavities, infection, and overcrowding. Your dentist will also discuss the recovery period and prescribe medications that will help reduce the pain. shares some tips to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Plan in Advance

You have to prepare for your recovery even before your surgery. Ask your dentist or oral surgeon what you should expect. He will provide a list of recommendations to follow when it comes to wisdom teeth extraction. Ensure that you read that list before the surgery and discuss anything you’re uncertain about. Have a family member or friend free off their schedule during surgery day, so they can take you home and take care of you afterwards.

Be Cautious of What You’re Eating

Follow a diet that consists of liquids after you have your surgery. As days pass, you can add solid foods, beginning with softer ones, such as pudding. Don’t use straws or eat hot and spicy foods.

Get as Much Rest as You Can

After your surgery, you may want to go back to your regular schedule as quickly as you can, but you have to take some time to recover. Whenever you’re relaxing, make sure you elevate your head using pillows. Try to skip from exercising even for just a day and wait for a few more days before you do any heavy lifting or strenuous activities.

Manage the Bleeding with Tea Bags and Gauze

Your oral surgeon will teach you to gently bite down on a bit of gauze to reduce bleeding. After 12 hours, think about using a damp tea bag as an alternative. Tea leaves can help reduce pain and encourage blood clotting.

Some swelling and pain are normal, but you can reduce the discomfort and treat it faster with the steps discussed here.