Tourism Properties: Australia’s Excellent Investment Vehicle

Australia at nightWhilst most people concentrate on predicting how the stock market will move or scouting for new bonds and equity funds to invest in, Australian investors continue to experience growth in tourism properties.

Over the years, the government has been determined to prove that “there’s nothing like Australia.” This drive to encourage more visitors to the Land Down Under has given birth to various tourism campaigns, with last May’s new food and wine campaign being the latest.

So far, these efforts have paid off. A report says that for every $1 million spent on promoting the country, the hotel industry yields $4.5 million in returns. The report further stated that an additional $10 million in tourism marketing will help boost the national economy by as much as $300 million.

Indeed, the tourism industry is in good shape at the moment. According to industry experts at Resort Brokers, different types of properties have been particularly popular amongst investors. These include:

Management rights

What makes management rights attractive is its unique management model, where some investors may take on a more active role in the daily operation of a particular property. For investors who want to keep a close watch on their investments and do some actual management, this is the way to go.

Caravan parks and resorts

If there’s one thing Australia will always be famous for, it’s the country’s picturesque landscapes and natural attractions. That’s where resorts and caravan parks come in, as they help tourists see the beauty of the country through nature.


Every tourist needs a form of accommodation, and those who can’t shell out enough money on five-star hotels would definitely go to a motel. Why many investors consider this a good option is because of the wide demographic you can cater to once you start the business. Moreover, motels operate on a smaller scale than hotels, making it easier to manage and grow over time.

Tourism property is where your money should go. With how the government focuses on marketing this aspect and how the industry continues to grow, you can’t go wrong when you make this your primary investment vehicle.