Understand the Differences Between Tree Lopping, Topping, and Removal

Removing large side branchesShould you require tree lopping services? Perth authorities receiving the enquiry might find it necessary to clarify terminology with you before making a referral.

What is Tree Lopping?

When looking for someone with the expertise and equipment to perform removal of large side branches, then you shall be directed to tree lopping services. Removing large side branches involve making vertical cuts. Sometimes, this calls for removing huge trunks aside from the smaller branches. This process is a type of heavy-handed tree pruning.

In modern landscaping practice, implementation of tree lopping is necessary to re-shape a tree so that it complements a design or theme. In some instances, the process removes most of the branches, placing guy wires to guide new growth. The latter is most useful when the owner desires a certain shape or formation is desired.

When the pruning involves making horizontal cuts to remove the tops of trees, Beaver Tree Services already calls this ‘topping’. Topping is another type of crude pruning. Usually, companies in Perth that provide services related to the handling of trees offer both types of pruning.

What is Tree Removal?

Trees supply human beings with the oxygen they need to breathe. They are important sources of food, timber, paper, and pharmaceutical products. Trees play an important role in ecological systems. Nevertheless, in some situations, trees must be removed from a location. Sometimes, they are removed to be replanted elsewhere. In other instances, a removal signifies the end of the tree’s lifecycle. Whereas tree pruning involves removal of certain branches of the tree, removal is taking away the entirety of the tree from root to tip.

Most of the time in Australia, authorities propose tree removal when a tree receives severe damage from heavy wind and rain during a storm. When lightning strikes a tree, reducing it to a blackened and smoking stump, local authorities usually schedule removal of the entire tree before it causes injury to people or lead to significant property damage.