Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder: How Can it Ruin Your Life

a woman reaching for a glass of whiskyWhile it’s normal to enjoy a few drinks with friends and colleagues, too much alcohol may pose a serious threat to your health. Developing a dependence on this substance may lead to alcoholism, which could result in physical and mental health problems. That’s why you need to become more aware of this condition to avoid the complications surrounding it. To help do that, here are some basic things you must know to further understand its severity.

Overcoming the Disorder Is Possible

Alcohol use disorder might be a serious health condition, but there are tons of treatments alcoholics could use to get better. Acqua Recovery and other alcohol rehabs in Utah noted that most of these recovery programs depend on the level of the patient’s addiction. The key is getting an approach that’s suitable to the drinker’s condition.

The Types of Alcohol Use Disorder

Depending on the severity of a person’s problem towards drinking, alcoholics are actually classified into three different types:

  • Alcohol Abuse or Heavy Drinking – This is a condition when someone consumes more than the accepted amount of alcohol per day, which is four drinks for men and three drinks for women.
  • Binge Drinking – This is a drinking problem where a person consumes an excessive amount of alcohol in a short span of time resulting in lapses or blackouts.
  • Alcoholism – This is a condition when the drinker experience cravings and can no longer live a day without drinking.

There Are Life-Threatening Effects

There’s a reason doctors advise people to drink in moderation because more than just the psychological complications, you may also be putting your liver and heart at risk. It’s said that excessive drinking or alcohol dependence may cause chronic liver inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. It could also shrink your brain, which often leads to blackouts and may interfere the person’s thought process.

While you’re not entirely prohibited to drink, be sure to keep your alcohol consumption under control. If you or someone you know starts to show signs of a troubled relationship with drinking, see a doctor immediately. This is one good way to prevent the problem from getting serious.