Vehicle Maintenance: What to Upgrade for Better Performance

auto sparesEvery vehicle owner wants to make the most out of their ride, so they think of upgrades that could improve its performance. Many of them don’t know where to start, however. They’re afraid that they might make it worse and cost them more instead. For starters, here are some upgrades that you should try:

Clutch and Brake

These are among the most important parts that promote better performance, but many owners don’t prioritise them. Regardless of how much horsepower you add to the engine, it’s best to upgrade the brakes for your vehicle to keep up. Car information site and auto suppliers like Hunua Auto Spares note that balancing control and power is important to make sure that your ride is fast yet safe.

Exhaust Mufflers

Mufflers can give your vehicle a new look, regardless if you own an SUV or sedan. These don’t only promote better power, but produce sound that’s distinct from other machines as well. Whether you decide to upgrade your vehicle with one or two mufflers, you can get an additional 20 horsepower.

Performance Chips

Also known as superchips, you can install these to override your vehicle’s factory settings. If your vehicle is a late model, you’re likely to find an on-board computer that regulates the anti-lock brakes, fuel-to-air ratio, and other controls.

Performance chips allow you to adjust the engine power and horsepower. For instance, you can command it to intake more air for combustion or minimise the use of gas. Do-it-yourself installation is acceptable, but if you’re not familiar with your vehicle’s electronics, hiring an expert is advisable.

Improving the performance of your vehicle is possible with a few tweaks to its parts. All you need is to know what parts to upgrade and find a good supplier that can give you high quality parts to achieve this.