Veterans’ Benefits: Which Type Should You Apply For?

Man wearing a US military uniformThere are various types of benefit claims readily available for veterans and their families. As there are a bunch of benefits they could apply and get access to, it’s quite unfortunate how the majority of them aren’t aware of these things.

That’s why to give them the compensation they truly deserve after serving the country, listed below are some of the most common types of veterans claims they could enjoy.

Disability Compensation

It’s the type of benefit wherein veterans would receive monthly payments as compensation for their disabilities sustained during active military service. The benefit of the amount usually depends on the degree of injury, disease, or condition. In Utah, disabled veteran benefits range from $1,500 to $3,100. As long as all the necessary documents are provided, widows and widowers of deceased veterans could also qualify for the compensation.

Honorable Discharge

This is a benefit claim for veterans who were discharged under general condition. The term often refers to the military member’s failure to fulfill the mission due to physical and psychological incapability. One important thing to note about this benefit is veterans would receive compensation or allowance based on the period or duration of service. Also, those who are under this circumstance are no longer qualified for any retirement benefits.

Military Retirement

If a person was able to fulfill over 20 years of military duty, he or she is qualified to make a retirement claim. However, this is also applicable to members who decided to retire early from the service. The amount to be received by the retiree depends on the number of circumstances applicable.

These are just some of the common types of benefit claims a veteran is entitled to receive. In case you have other concerns or inquiries, it’s best to visit the Veterans Affairs office so they could probably address them. This way, you’ll know which benefit program suits you best.