Ways to Operate Your Cherry Picker Safely

Cherry Picker OperationsOperating a cherry picker comes with risks whether you are an experienced operative or not. This is why taking the necessary safety precautions before running the machine is essential. Here are some ways to operate your cherry picker safely:

Inspect the Ground

While you will not be operating on the ground, you cannot work safely if your machine is not stable. You have to inspect the field to ensure that it is even. It should also offer enough traction. This ensures that the device stays stable while in operation. It is essential to check for ground stability and traction before raising the bloom.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

You should conduct a full risk assessment before starting your work. Mitigating situations that are likely to jeopardise safety is essential. Each site is unique, meaning that you should not generalise risk assessment. It is crucial to exclude other people from the area because they can be very unpredictable. Other things to consider are bad weather and falling objects.

Use Safety Equipment

It is critical to invest in safety equipment, such as harnesses, helmets, and high-visibility gear. If you are using any equipment, you should not hang it on the railings. You should also not drop it on the platform. If you must rest, you should not sit or lean on platform guardrails.

Keep It in Excellent Shape

Your cherry picker, like all other equipment, is likely to break down without warning. With proper maintenance, however, such breakdowns will be rare. Unless you are an expert yourself, it is essential to have the machine regularly inspected by a trained professional.

Taking the given safety measures will not mean much if you do not have proper training. It is advisable to take IPAF-accredited courses. You should strive to complete your course and stay abreast with safety requirements.