Ways to Prepare & Adjust to Working in Perth as an Expat

Apartment in PerthLiving and working full-time in Perth can be difficult especially for expats. Aside from adjusting to the culture, they also need to adjust to the higher cost of living. However, they can still benefit from this decision, specifically career- and financial-wise.

This is also a great move for single people who don’t have familial responsibilities yet and want a little adventure in their lives. Here are a few things that will help you prepare for this big move.

Finding a Place to Live

There are plenty of accommodation options depending on your budget, needs and preferences. Serviced apartments in Perth, says exapt.com.au, are perfect for individuals who don’t have time to do house chores anymore. Studio apartments where you’ll have roommates, however, are ideal as a budget-friendly option. Places like Subiaco, Leederville, Como and Victoria Park are close enough to the city centre for convenience. If you want cheaper options, you can search in Kalamunda, Roleystone and Parkerville.

Practicing Practicality

If you don’t control your spending habits, it would be hard to save money in Perth. There are many fancy restaurants and luxurious shopping centres. However, you must make practical choices like cooking at home instead of eating out, and waiting for special deals instead of shopping every time you get paid.

Avoiding Culture Shock

Experiencing culture shock is natural especially during the first few days, and if it’s your first time to be based in an overseas destination. If you’ve been to Perth for a vacation before, don’t expect it to be the same experience this time. Working is a whole new and different experience compared to touring. First thing you must familiarise yourself with are the rules and regulations you must follow. What’s good about Perth is there’s diversity in religion, race and culture, which makes the adjustment easier.

These tips will help you find your place in Perth and start adjusting to living and working here. This way, you can feel like you belong and start building your life in this lovely city.