Wearing Braces Without the Shame and Stigma

Woman wearing invisible bracesDental braces can significantly change a person’s overall appearance. If you’re currently unhappy with your smile, you’re among a million others. Imperfect and unappealing teeth have kept millions from smiling. This lack of confidence can stem from either crooked teeth, obvious gaps or misalignment in the bite.

Braces exist to address these problems, which work to realign the teeth to their proper place. So, what’s preventing many people from getting the procedure and pursuing the treatment they need? In a word: misinformation.

Fear of braces is mostly due to misconceptions that have remained prevalent over the years. We’re going to dispel some of them today.

They're 'Ugly' to Look At

Media and society have reinforced the idea that braces are ‘unsightly’ and subject to mockery. While metal braces may merit this perception, there are other options available.

Orthodontists have recognised this concern and have created alternatives to remove the stigma. These alternative options come in the form of invisible braces, which are available in Gainsborough and virtually anywhere in the world.

There are ceramic braces that match the colour of your teeth. Invisalign aligners are clear, unnoticeable trays while lingual braces are hidden at the back of the teeth. All these types of braces make the treatment as discreet as possible.

They’re Uncomfortable

The pain from the initial installation may last for a few days or within the first few months of treatment. Once the initial stages are over, patients generally have an easier time going back to their eating habits. While sores do happen from time to time, they are rare and can be prevented by proper oral health care. Typically, braces become a problem when the wearer is neglectful of proper hygiene and lifestyle practices.

Misconceptions about braces should not stop anyone from seeking the treatment they need. Don’t let wrong information get in the way of achieving a perfect smile.