What Holds Sites Down: Signs of a Problem with Your Off-Site SEO

Off site SEONot every SEO campaign is as perfect as digital marketers wish it to be. Some websites struggle to gain online traction through search marketing. Normally, you can solve the issue with a threefold check. But when this routine check doesn’t fix the campaign, what do you do?

In such cases, SEO companies check if the problem may be off-site – the links you’ve built to improve the site’s reputation. To confirm this, look for these three clues:

Anchor Text Ratio

How many money terms do you integrate with the content you use for link building? Digitise My Business explains the trick is to get the anchor text ratio right. Branded terms should weigh more than the competitive keywords your campaign is targeting. You might want to do a quick clean-up if majority of the anchor texts involve the targeted money keywords.

Domain Authority

The backlinked sites could also be the culprit that holds down your campaign. Most likely, some sites have a domain authority lower than 20 – which is a bad number. You have to clear the links you have on these unauthoritative sites. Use the Google Sheets plugin or refer to Moz to get the exact figure of a site’s domain authority.

IP Diversity

Check all the backlinks of your site. How many of them belong to a single IP? If there are quite a lot, this could be the problem of your campaign. IP diversity is an important factor in SEO, so you have to make sure your links don’t belong to a link network. Otherwise, Google may penalise you for it. The links pointing to your site should come from diverse IPs, not from a single server hosting everything.

Off-site SEO is something you should routinely check. Through regular monitoring, you can ensure that SEO efforts are effective.