What to Expect from a Skilled Fire and Water Damage Restoration Team

Fire Damage RestorationThe extent of property losses due in the event of a fire may be difficult to overcome, especially if you don’t get the right kind of assistance. Some organizations specialize in the restoration of areas damaged by fires. So instead of bringing in well-meaning but hastily organized group to assess the aftermath of the catastrophe, it is more prudent and more beneficial for your business if you get help from Salt Lake City experts.

The Preliminary Sweep

Searching online for fire damage restoration services, such as Salt Lake City-based aaarestoration.org, will reveal a number of possible options. You must determine the scope of the services they provide, and the preliminary assessment is one of the most important components.

In this phase, a team comes in to categorize and assess the damage. This initial evaluation is critical not only because you will be apprised of the extent of the damage, but during the team’s first sweep of the scene they are also identifying potential safety issues and existing health risks.

Scope of Services

Most of the work that the restoration team will do at the early stage is to clean up the fire damage by picking up dirt and debris, vacuuming ash, and performing structural cleaning. Smoke damage clean up is also part of the services, with the use of industrial grade equipment that removes odors and cleanses the area of pollutants.

Ascertain the company has all the necessary equipment, including hydroxyl generators and thermal foggers so that potentially harmful particles and gases do not linger.

Fire damage clean-up then moves onward to wet cleaning of walls and floors. Dehumidification procedures are also essential since they usually have to remove excess water so that moisture levels become optimal.

While you will invest on service fees, it is highly advisable to work with a team of specialists with the skill and experience in restoration after fire and water damage. Expect a thorough and effective cleaning. They can also provide invaluable advice on whether you should replace damaged furniture and equipment or repurpose them instead.