What to Look for in an Engagement Ring

Man putting engagement ring on womanSo, you have dated her for long and you feel that it is time to make the next step. But, you could be wondering when is the right time to ask the big question. The truth is there is no specific time. The right time would depend on the couple. If your gut says that now is the right time, then you could be right. Now that the ‘when’ question has been solved, the next big worry is what you should look for in an engagement ring in Hatton Garden.

1. Style

You probably have an understanding of her personal style, and that is a good starting point when looking for a ring. There is a high chance that she will wear the ring all her life. That means you should choose a ring that will match her style.

2. Size

Fingers come in different sizes for different people. Measure your partner’s fingers during your leisure time and get an idea of how big her fingers are to help you pick a ring. You can also borrow a ring she always wears. If you get the size wrong, you can still get a replacement from your jeweller.

3. Cost

The cost of an engagement ring will depend on your budget, and largely on the material of your ring. Gold rings cost more than diamond rings, and diamond rings are more expensive than silver rings. It is best to set a budget, so you will not go overboard.

4. Jeweller

An engagement ring is a big investment, so be sure to get it from a reliable jeweller. Sourcing the ring from a certified jeweller will assure that it is of quality. You can also enjoy other services from them, such as ring polishing and customisation.

Engagement is the second most memorable event for any lady after their wedding day. Therefore, you have to make the engagement a memorable experience for her. The ring will forever remain as a memory, so you should try to get all things right.