What Will Make Your Hospitality Marketing Efforts Stand Out?

Marketing collaboration with the employeesThe hotel industry’s opportunity for growth is abundant, especially if businesses make an effort to attract new clients and foster guest loyalty. But instead of turning to traditional techniques, businesses can consider more innovative means to turn a profit.

Hotel marketing agency Peak14Media.com says hotels need to embrace technology to establish brand awareness and raise revenue. This year, you can look to the following solutions to generate bookings and make the most of the opportunities.

Optimizing for Mobile

Most consumers use their mobile devices to search for everything on the Internet, including hotels. Make sure that your website is accessible on both desktop and mobile. Keep in mind that Google is also rolling out its mobile-first index, which could help your ranking on the SERPs.

Apart from these, you should also be mindful of mobile payments, which could soon take over credit card payments.


Consumers, especially millennials, want a more personalized user experience. You can do this by creating qualifying fields during the booking process.

Reputation Management

Every guest with access to the Internet can be a critic and because of this, it’s essential for you to employ reputation management tools to respond to negative feedback immediately. It’s important that you have this in your marketing arsenal; bad reviews spread faster these days, and your reputation may be on the line.

Video Marketing

Video continues to be a popular marketing strategy, no matter the industry. YouTube remains one of the strongest platforms, but there are others that stand out: Facebook’s 360-degree videos and Instagram’s live feeds.

Because you operate a hotel, you can produce videos in various ways. The most effective way would be to highlight unique features of the property, celebrate local events, and focus on key aspects of your location.

Hospitality trends change every year. This year, consider innovative techniques backed by technology to boost your hotel’s business. With the right trend, you may just ensure bookings all year round.