Why a Balance of Outdoor and Indoor Play is a Must for Young Children

Kids on a trampoline

These days, it is common for children to spend most of their time indoors, watching television or playing games on their devices. Children as young as four months old are already using mobile devices, at a time when brain development is at its most formative.

Children need a mix of both indoor and outdoor play to help them develop into well-adjusted, sociable individuals. Along with encouraging children to engage in creative indoor activities, such as crafting and colouring books, they should also spend time playing outdoors. This is why playground equipment, such as the ones offered by the Garden Toy Store, is a worthwhile investment.

Children need to interact with their environment. Outdoor activities have a lasting, positive effect on their development as they grow.

Outdoor Play

Young children require at least an hour a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity, ideally, distributed throughout the day. Outdoor activities, such as running, jumping and riding a bicycle develop their motor skills.

Outdoor play is one of the best ways to combat childhood obesity. Childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in the last three decades due to the lack of physical activity among children.

Playing outside also has a positive effect on their mental and social development — outdoor play enhances problem-solving skills and gives children the opportunity to work in groups.

Indoor Play

Indoor play is also important, but you need to be sure to encourage constructive, creative activities instead of passively watching television or playing video games.

Children need tactile, creative experiences — activities such as arts and crafts prove to not only help with concentration and focus but encourages them to be independent and self-confident as well.

Indeed, the type of activities that you encourage your children to engage in has a long-lasting impact on their well-being. Be sure to combine the best of both indoor and outdoor play to help them grow into healthy, capable adults.