Why Do You Need a Storm Door?

house front doorStorm doors are usually installed as a second, outer door to allow ventilation during good weather and provide extra protection during bad weather. During fair weather, you may want to let the cool breeze in by opening the main door. You may have to look for security storm doors in Denver because they allow you to do this without compromising the security of your home. Storm doors come in a variety of materials and sizes, so you will definitely be able to find the right one that suits the overall design of your home.

Purpose of Storm Doors

Storm doors have several uses and purposes. For example, they allow you to open your main door when the weather is especially nice to let light in and increase the ventilation of your home without letting in bugs or intruders. They can also serve as an added insulation that can help keep your home warm and cozy when the weather is cold during summer.

Types of Storm Doors

There are generally three main types of storm doors.

Full view. Full view storm doors have a slight window design on a full-length glass panel. They provide an additional security to the main doors while accentuating them at the same time.

Ventilating. This type of storm door has two glass panels that may be slid down or up to allow ventilation inside the home. It also has a window screen.

Roll screen. This storm door is a combination of the other two types of storm doors. It has a screen that when not in use functions as a full view storm door. When in use, it acts as a ventilating storm door and allows proper ventilation.

Advantages of Storm Doors

The installation of storm doors is a low-cost option that offers various benefits. Many homeowners can take advantage of the following:

    1. It helps protect the main door.
    2. It provides added insulation for better energy efficiency.
    3. It adds an extra layer of security for your home.
    4. It keeps bugs out.

The installation of a storm door in your home provides many uses and benefits such as better ventilation, increased energy efficiency, additional light, and security from intruders. Aside from these, it also helps accentuate the curb appeal of any home.