Why Wood Designs Have Become More Relevant for Offices

Wood FenceWooden design elements for the office, including cedar cladding, would not only improve productivity at the workplace but also uplift the morale of your employees.

Happy Employees

The wooden design trend becomes more necessary in Australia at a time when workers suffer from the so-called fatigue epidemic, which largely stems from spending several hours at work. Lack of sleep tends to be a big factor, as many fail to have at least eight hours of sleep each day.

A report estimated that more than 60% of office workers in the country spend most of their time cooped up at cubicles, so it makes sense that employers adopt designs that contribute to a positive mood.

Connecting With Nature

Designs should particularly include wood based on the report’s focus on the biophilia hypothesis. This concept builds upon the idea of people having the inborn tendency of being around nature, and the presence of wood at the workplace can help in simulating an outdoor environment. The hypothesis isn’t surprising since many workers spend their vacation in places where they could reconnect with nature.

Happy employees mean better productivity that in turn reduces the number of sick days, which can be costly for companies. In fact, the cost of income support for sick employees from the government or private sector reached A$37.2 billion for the 2015/16 year. Approximately 786,000 workers fell ill and received financial support during the same period. Fatigue and low morale may not be the sole causes of illnesses, but these can be the start of a more serious health problem.

When choosing a wooden design for your office, pick a service provider who can interpret your plan down to the last detail. It’s also important to include sustainable systems to your design, as these help in lowering energy bills while improving your employees’ mood at the same time.