Why You Are Looking at a Higher-than-Normal Water Bill

BillsThere are many reasons behind a sudden increase in a household’s water bill. Although you do not have to panic right away when you receive a bill indicating a spike in your consumption, a big difference should prompt you to take a closer look at your home, especially the plumbing system.

The number of people consuming water, recent additions (appliance, garden irrigation, fittings, etc.), as well as plumbing problems are the most common culprits to higher-than-normal water consumption.

More people means higher water consumption

During the holidays, water consumption tends to increase in Perth homes because of the increase in the people using them. So when looking at a water bill higher than the previous billing cycle, a possible reason is that you have had several people come and stay in your residence for a few days.

Additions to your home

Aside from people, additions to your home – such as new water-using appliances, irrigation systems (for your garden or landscaping), and fittings – may also lead to your water bills going up.

Although you should expect the increase with such changes, you should still compare your current consumption with the estimated water usage of each addition. It is still possible that something went wrong during the installation or the product is defective, leading to unnecessary water consumption/wastage.

Problems with the plumbing

Of all the possible causes of an increase in water bills, the greatest, most common contributor is the plumbing system. Problems such as a leaking tap can already spike your consumption, regardless of how small the leak is. Add to this a continuously running toilet, a faulty washing machine hose, a dripping hot water system, or a problematic dishwasher, and you can face enormous water bills.

You should contact a reliable plumbing company like FallonSolutions.com to fix your leaking tap as soon as possible, especially if you have not had any visitors or household additions in the past month.

You should never be surprised by unexpected increases in your bills.