Your Yearly Dental Visit Should Cover These 3 General Services

Emergency dental treatmentIf you visit your dentist twice a year for prophylaxis, you may feel safe and secure for your oral health. But, our teeth and mouth need more than the usual brushing and flossing for proper maintenance. Ask your dentist about these general service groups for your next appointment. Penrose Dental shares more information below:

Cosmetic Services

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and perhaps chipped or crooked teeth may look cute on toddlers, but it’s definitely not the same for an adult like you. Your health professional also offers cosmetic dentistry services if you want a bigger, brighter smile.

Your dentist can whiten your teeth, fix your chipped tooth, and straighten your teeth without using the conventional metal braces. If you have lost a tooth or two due to injury or tooth decay, you can ask your dentist about crowns, bridges, or dental implants so your set of teeth can be complete again.

Emergency Dental Treatment

An experienced and affordable dentist Auckland residents trust can fix your emergency situations, too. If your children happen to be playing outside and they have knocked one of their teeth out, bring them to the nearest paediatric dentist and he or she can take care of your kids.

If you’ve had it with your painful, annoying wisdom tooth, you can also set an appointment with your dentist and have it extracted. You should discuss this procedure with your dental health professional so you’re prepared for the (literally) bloody consequences.

Customised Care

With an extensive discussion, you and your dentist can determine your specific oral care needs. Dental problems vary per person and one treatment may not fit the other. If you have established a good relationship with a trusted dentist, he or she can recommend the right set of dental services that will cover your concerns on preventative and cosmetic dentistry and general oral hygiene.

Your biannual oral prophylaxis may seem enough for your dental health needs. But, if you think the usual brushing and flossing does not cut it anymore, consult your Auckland dentist for advanced and customised services.